Who's Your Daddy!

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Who Are These Bad Daddies!!??

FREDDY CURCI – (First Tenor) Freddy Curci is a Canadian AOR rock vocalist and songwriter best known for his stints in ALIAS and SHERIFF. Curci has a multi-octave vocal range and holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Note Held in a Pop Song, for 30 seconds (timed and submitted by the University of Houston) for the ending note of "WHEN I'M WITH YOU." Curci's vocals earned the Sheriff song "When I'm With You" the number 1 spot in 1989 and the Alias power ballad "MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY" (co-produced with Rick Neigher) the number 2 spot in 1990 on the Billboard charts. RICK NEIGHER- (Second Tenor) During Rick Neigher’s lengthy career as a record producer, bass player and songwriter, a diverse group of artists such as PRINCE, SHeDAISY, THE GO-GO'S, MICHELLE BRANCH, ALANIS MORISSETTE, and legendary roots-rock icon JOHN MELLENCAMP, have all recorded music under his influence. A glimpse at his songwriting credits and co-writers resembles a Who’s Who of the music business creative universe. Always a fan of high technology, Neigher is currently strategizing and executing web-based advertising programs for B2B companies in North America. Rick and Chris Cote first met and collaborated when they formed and performed in their CAPITOL RECORDS band AVALON in the ‘80s. ADAM GORGONI - (Baritone) A native of New York City and the son of a studio musician, composer ADAM GORGONI spent many of his earliest days in recording studios absorbing diverse styles and techniques of music-making. Scoring credits include Sundance favorite STARTING OUT IN THE EVENING, Karen Moncrieff’s THE DEAD GIRL, which was nominated for 3 Independent Spirit Awards in 2006 including Best Picture, BLUE CAR, for Miramax, the hit comedy WAITING, for Lions Gate, Ray Romano’s comedy, 95 MILES TO GO, the HBO Original PATH TO PARADISE, and many others. Television work includes the critically acclaimed CW series “ALIENS IN AMERICA,” Lorne Michaels’ ABC comedy SONS AND DAUGHTERS, as well as shows for NBC, Disney, Discovery Channel, Bravo, and National Geographic Network, among others. BILL NEW - (Bass)? Bill graduated with a BA in voice from Cal Poly Pomona . He sang for several years with the jazz a cappella group, "TERRA NOVA", who won a national competition and sang at the PLAYBOY JAZZ FESTIVAL at the Hollywood Bowl . Bill joined the popular '50's group, THE DIAMONDS, in the '90's and has been singing on and off with them ever since. Bill also sings in a professional barbershop group, who have sung on the TONIGHT SHOW, Arrested Development, and King of Queens TV shows, to name a few. Bill sang on several movie scores including Epic, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Red Heat, Young Guns II, Face Off, Battlefield Earth, Nightbreed to name a few. Bill sang in a backup chorus with "Adele" in this years Oscars telecast. Bill sang on David Byrne's(of Talking Heads fame) "The Forest" and did a brief tour with him. Bill has also sang on albums for Neil Young, Oasis, The Diamonds, and The Crew Cuts to name a few. See? We weren’t kidding about our chops. If you really want proof, go buy our CD, download stuff from iTunes or one of those other places with the dopey names. Now, sit back and smell the Nag Champa.