Australian Olympic Shooter May Not Compete in Rio After Driving Drunk With a Shotgun

Olympics News
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Australian sport shooter Michael Diamond currently holds two gold medals for his talents with a firearm. Currently, he aims for a third in Rio, but may have blown his chances by driving drunk with a loaded shotgun.

Last month, Diamond was involved in a domestic dispute with his brother. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, when police stopped and breathalyzed the Olympic champion, his BAC was at .159, way above the Australian legal limit of .05. Police also revoked Diamond’s gun license after they found a shotgun in the car, along with 150 rounds of ammunition.

Yesterday, Diamond pleaded “not guilty” to the drunk driving charge and three separate improper firearms charges that have rendered him ineligible to compete in Rio. His legal team have asked for a new hearing to take place in an effort to remove the charges before the final selection of Australia’s shooting team on July 4.

Per The Guardian, Diamond’s Barrister William Wilcher (think high-ranking Australian lawyer) told the court that the charges should be dropped because of the shooter’s Olympic status.

“Unfortunately these matters come at a critical point, that one of the greatest, potentially the greatest shotgun shooters we’ve ever seen, would be ineligible for selection at the Olympics,” Wilcher said.