Ann Coulter Viciously Owns Herself With a Tweet About Her Love Life

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Ann Coulter Viciously Owns Herself With a Tweet About Her Love Life

Famed collection of bones wrapped in chicken skin Ann Coulter has got some opinions about Marco Rubio’s additions to the Republican tax bill, and she won’t let anything get in her way of expressing them. Not even herself.

Rubio has advocated for an increased child tax credit multiple times during the process of passing the GOP tax reform measure, and it appears he’s going to get his wish, as the Republicans have announced they will concede this point to him ahead of their release of their tax bill, following the conference between the Senate and the House.

Coulter, however, takes issue with this. But in what she likely intended to be a light joke illustrating her complaint, she ended up tweeting out an all-too-revealing glimpse at her own personal life:

This would be sad if it didn’t come from a person so desperately devoid of any redeeming qualities. Coulter is a noted racist homophobe who delights in attention gained from saying horribly prejudiced, deeply stupid things. However, she’s also never been married and has no children at the age of 56, and perhaps passing her recent birthday alone was just too much for her. Maybe that’s why she tweeted out a response to a tax bill that essentially amounted to her recreating a scene from Scrubs in which JD finds lovelorn lawyer Ted throwing rocks at old couples. When asked why, Ted replies with this (via GIPHY):

Coulter Ted gif.gif

We could keep trying to come up with new and better owns with which to bombard Coulter, but honestly, she’s done the best one herself. No insult from an outside party can match up to the pathetic totality of self-hatred. The way this tweet instantly rings true with anyone who has ever watched Coulter speak is proof: When you first read this tweet, you likely thought to yourself, “Haha, yeah, it makes sense that Ann Coulter would think of her own life that way.” And that’s a more devastating own than we could ever aspire to.