New Poll Shows 83% of African Americans Believe Trump Is Racist

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New Poll Shows 83% of African Americans Believe Trump Is Racist

In a new Washington Post-Ipsos poll, 83% of the 1,088 African Americans surveyed online said they believe President Trump is racist and has made the country’s race problems worse.

These numbers fall drastically short of Trump’s prediction of obtaining 95% of the Black vote for his reelection bid, but is anyone surprised?

Between being publicly endorsed by the KKK and exploiting the death of Dwayne Wade’s cousin for Black votes, among other acts, Trump is beyond careless in his attempts to sway Black voters. His divisive rhetoric, supposedly backed up by results, disillusions Black black voters as he subsequently overestimates his contributions to the black community.

These polls show that some Black Americans detest Trump, but there are always those outside the majority, and their identities are just as valid. As the 2020 election campaign gets rolling, Democratic candidates are capitalizing on Trump’s neglect of Black voters, giving us another chance to pick a more inclusive candidate. As long as everyone fact-checks, we can engage in stimulating debate.

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