Someone Destroyed Donald Trump's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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People have been vandalizing Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ever since he became the frontrunner for the Republican presidential candidacy, but the latest vandal went one step further than spray-painting a swastika or mute symbol on it, or putting up a miniature wall around it.

Early this morning, a man dressed as a construction worker removed Trump’s name plate and brass emblem using a sledgehammer and pick-axe, sending sparks and debris flying. According to Deadline, the man’s name is Jamie Otis and he planned on auctioning off the remnants of the star to support the women who have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Trump.

Otis was not apprehended at the scene, but the LAPD have said they are investigating the incident. How Otis planned on auctioning off something he stole without being prosecuted is unclear. You can watch an exclusive video of Otis destroying the star via Deadline here.

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