The Washington Post Finds Trump Has Made Over 10,000 False Statements

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<i>The Washington Post</i> Finds Trump Has Made Over 10,000 False Statements

The Washington Post has released an updated count of all the false and misleading statements made by Donald Trump since his inauguration, and it’s officially crossed the 10,000 mark.

In a new piece written with Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly, The Post’s resident fact-checker Glenn Kessler found that Trump has actually sped up the rate at which he spews falsehoods. It reportedly took 601 days for Trump to reach 5,000 false statements back in September, and he has doubled that number in just 226 days. That means the president has averaged around 23 public lies per day in this seven-month period.

As a quick refresher on the last seven months in the Great American Fever Dream, we saw the conclusion of the Mueller investigation and subsequent release of his report on Russian interference in the election. We experienced the longest government shutdown in the history of our country over Trump’s fabricated crisis at the border, and we also held a midterm election, the run-up to which accounted for a huge chunk of Trump’s lies over the last seven months.

The past few days have been particularly busy for the president, who racked up 171 false or misleading claims just between April 25-27. These included 45 falsehoods during a 45-minute interview with Sean Hannity, 24 falsehoods during a speech to the NRA and a whopping 61 falsehoods during a recent campaign rally in Green Bay, Wis.

There are 631 days left until Donald Trump leaves office, probably. If we make the somewhat generous assumption that Trump ceases to speed up his lying and merely lies at the same rate during that time, Trump is on track to hit over 24,600 false statements during his four-year term, a feat that will surely go down as one of the bigger accomplishments of his presidency.

Check out The Post’s ongoing tally of Trump’s lies in their Fact Checker database here.

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