Survey: Most Americans Say Their Finances Haven't Gotten Any Better Under Trump

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Survey: Most Americans Say Their Finances Haven't Gotten Any Better Under Trump

President Donald Trump, with his background in business, assured voters that, if elected, he’d bring a prosperous economy back to America. Two years later, the majority of Americans say he hasn’t done that at all.

These results come from a recent survey undertaken by Bankrate, a personal finance site. Its findings were published earlier this week, according to Observer.

When asked “compared with two years ago, is your personal financial situation better, worse or about the same?” 60 percent of respondents said their personal finances had not improved at all. That number can be broken down into the 45 percent who reported no change, and the 17 percent who said their situation has worsened since Trump’s inauguration.

It’s also important to note that the question itself doesn’t ask if Trump is to blame for the state of their finances. That didn’t stop a partisan divide in results, though. Republicans were more likely to say that their finances were in a better place, coming in at 60 percent better off, nine percent worse and 31 percent plateaued.

Democrats had a similar, but less extreme trend. 29 percent said their situation was better off, with 23 percent reporting worse and 48 percent about the same.

Responders were only asked about if they believed Trump was to blame later on. Democrats put the responsibility on either Trump, Republicans in Congress or both, totaling 61 percent. Only a third of Republicans did the same.

It’s unclear who exactly is to blame when it comes to the financial state of Americans. But most believe it’s the other guy.

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