Report: Televisions at the FDA Must Only Show FoxNews, Per Administration "Request"

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Report: Televisions at the FDA Must Only Show FoxNews, Per Administration "Request"

So take this one with a grain of salt for the time being.

Paul D. Thacker is a science and medicine reporter who, in the past, has covered the suppression of climate science data in the George W. Bush administration and conflicts of interest in medical research. He’s dogged in what he does and his work has gotten senatorial investigations launched.

While it’s doubtful his latest unearthing will launch any investigations, it is a curiosity. Earlier today, Thacker tweeted out a screenshot of what appears to an internal FDA email informing workers that monitors in the White Oak, Maryland campus must now be switched from CNN to Fox News.

Thacker claims in a follow-up tweet that the email he obtained has been screenshotted and cropped to remove the name of the individual who presumably sent it to him. However, that’s not been directly confirmed at this time by Paste, though we did reach out to him.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple is reporting on Twitter that “Source familiar with CBER campus says TVs are indeed tuned to Fox News” and adds “FDA PR folks have gone quiet on this.”

Of course, for a year-plus now Fox News has been criticized for having too cozy of a relationship with Donald Trump and that criticism has only intensified since he’s become president. The Rupert Murdoch owned company “has been called “propaganda for the Trump Administration” and compared to North Korea’s state news agency.