Hillary Clinton Makes One Last Appeal for Your Vote in Final Campaign Ad

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We are in the home stretch now. Election Day is tomorrow and the seemingly unending 2016 presidential campaign will soon be done. But Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has one more appeal to make.

In her campaign’s final election ad, titled “Tomorrow,” Clinton makes a personal, straightforward and positive argument for your vote tomorrow. As some light, uplifting music plays in the background, Clinton asks, “Is America dark and divisive, or hopeful and inclusive?” She says, “I believe in our people, I love this country, and I’m convinced our best days are still ahead of us if we reach for them together.”

The ad is basically the exact opposite of Trump’s fear-mongering campaign in which he stokes hatred and division and proclaims himself the only who can protect the country.

And as if to reassure us that this really is the final ad and that this election is finally drawing to a close, Clinton signs off with the line, “I’m Hillary Clinton and, one last time, I approve this message.”

You can watch the ad above.

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