Oklahoma Inmate Suffers Seizure, Nurse Decides to Do Exorcism, Inmate Dies

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Oklahoma Inmate Suffers Seizure, Nurse Decides to Do Exorcism, Inmate Dies

This bizarre incident was first reported about a month ago, but we missed it the first time around, and you might have too, and that simply won’t do. Why? Well, to put it mildly, this is a real doozy. Just read the first line from the story out of Oklahoma City, courtesy of KOCO:

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an exorcism investigation at the county jail after a nurse was accused of performing it on an inmate.

I want to be shocked. I really do. But with the state of religion in America today, it’s hard.

Amanda Freeman, the 32-year-old inmate in Oklahoma County Jail, had been arrested on drug charges after jumping out of a moving car. She had a seizure while in custody as an apparent result of her drug use. When 67-year-old nurse Linda Jackson was called in, her response to seeing the shaking inmate was, no joke, to perform a religious exorcism. According to MyFox8, Jackson said the words, “I revoke you demons” while treating Freeman. From KansasCity.com:

One witness reported Jackson asked whether anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism, during which she said, “I revoke you, demons,” according to the Tulsa World.

A sheriff’s lieutenant stopped the exorcism when he arrived on the scene, the sheriff’s investigator reported.

Jackson is no longer employed with the company, per KOCO, but she is also not facing criminal charges. It’s unclear whether Freeman’s death could have been prevented by a nurse who didn’t perform an exorcism, but it’s fair to say that it didn’t help.