Samuel L. Jackson Goes Truther on Donald Trump, Calls Him Out For Various Lies

Politics Video Samuel L. Jackson
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Yesterday, on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Samuel L. Jackson was asked to react to this tweet from Donald Trump:

As usual with Trump, the lashing out followed a perceived slight, which in this case came from an interview Jackson had with United Airlines’ Rhapsody Magazine. There, the star said that Donald Trump cheats at golf—an accusation that had made the rounds with such frequency that it actually inspired a Washington Post investigation.

In response, Samuel L. Jackson joined Meyers to set a few things straight. Namely:

1. He does know Donald Trump.
2. Trump does cheat at golf.
3. He’s now in a feud with Trump.

Watch the video above, which Meyers optimistically believes could be the thing that brings down his campaign for good. If only.