7 Phobias That Stem from Common Fears

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7 Phobias That Stem from Common Fears

Fear. We’ve all felt it. That quickening of your heartbeat and feeling of all your muscles tensing at once. But what differentiates fear from phobia? In short, fear is a normal human emotional response to danger while a phobia is tied to anxiety about a specific thing, situation or idea. Phobias are often classified as irrational fears, though most are based in an entirely rational fear of some sort.

Fear and phobia often work hand-in-hand to create that nervous feeling you get when you look out at a crowd before giving a speech or gaze down from an extreme height. Here are seven of the most common phobias that make us feel like a kid who is scared of the dark.

Public speaking; flying; storms; dark; heights; tights spaces; spiders

Lauren Leising is a freelance writer based in Athens, Georgia.