Hipster Club FC St Pauli Is Producing Their Own Brand Of Honey

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These days every football club undertakes some measure of social and community engagement. It’s become as essential to the day-to-day operations of a club as managing a Twitter account and drumming up new sponsorships. Some clubs take this mandate to the next level.

To wit: FC St. Pauli’s newest initiative that led to beehives being installed at their home ground. The club plans to cultivate honey from the hives and sell it in the club shop at the Millerntor-Stadion in Hamburg.

The honey will be called Ewaldbienenhonig, named after first team manager Ewald Lienen.

St. Pauli, renowned for their progressive politics and punk rock ethos, is producing the honey in order to raise awareness of the world’s declining bee population. An overwhelming consensus among scientists and environmentalists warns that the shrinking bee populace represents a serious ecological disaster. The German second division club is also asking their fans to consider planting flowers and gardens in and around their home in order to provide more friendly environs for bees.

Club executive Andreas Rettig said this new program is in line with the club’s culture and ethos. “Other cities have balconies to celebrate titles, and we have them for the bees.”