Deliberate or Accidental? Watch Robbie Keane's No-Look Assist for LA Galaxy

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Robbie Keane’s assist to Marcelo Sarvas in LA Galaxy’s 2-0 win over Vancouver Whitecaps is being reported as a “whiff,” as if he was actually going for goal but only accidentally set Sarvas up to shoot.

I disagree. I think that’s a no-look pass. And a beautifully disguised one at that.

I’ve been watching Robbie Keane ever since he made his debut for Wolves as a 17-year-old in 1997, and the one constant throughout Keane’s career (because his team and location have certainly not been constant) is his willingness to try things that appear to make no sense.

It definitely looks like a miskick, especially given Keane’s apparent frustration. But I’m betting that the way Keane turns his back as if he’s given up on the play is all part of the illusion.

Not convinced? Here’s Thierry Henry’s no-look pass for New York Red Bull vs Philadelphia Union in July: