Footballer Hairstyles as Art: 6 Case Studies

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Footballer Hairstyles as Art: 6 Case Studies

Life in the modern age presents us with many canvases. Alongside the traditional mediums, there are a variety of digital tools we can use to create whatever our hearts desire and put them out into the world—or hide them forever because it’s excruciatingly personal. No matter who sees it, our creations are a reflection of both our inner selves and the self we wish to present to the world.

In many cases, we ourselves serve as the canvas, either on our skin, or with our hair. Footballers in particular love to use their hair as a means through which to express themselves. And because hair grows, the tableau of hairstyles is ever-changing, providing a sort of slow-motion personality narrative as players work to outdo each other but also themselves.

The art of the footballer’s hairstyle may not have the permanence of a tattoo, but it does deserve a critical appreciation. What follows is an aesthetic review of select player hairstyles, chosen for their remarkable nature and the fame of the men who wear them.