The 15 Best Tweets From Yesterday's Champions League Action

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The 15 Best Tweets From Yesterday's Champions League Action

The Champions League is back, and you know what that means—more of Twitter’s hilarious and pointed commentary on the world’s greatest soccer competition.

Following along with Twitter during the Champions League is great and can add something to the experience (miss a goal? Wait 30 seconds and you’re bound to see a gif of it), but going back and reading the best tweets of the day loses some luster without the context of the moment.

Without that in mind, we’ve hand-curated 15 of the best tweets from Tuesday’s Champions League matches and along with it, we have a short list of major events that will raise your enjoyment of these 140-character missives:

1. Manchester City fell behind Barcelona but came back and won which is a really big deal
2. Mesut Ozil did something AH-MAZ-ING to save Arsenal after they fell behind a team called “Ludogorets” (yeah, sounds fake to us, too).

So there you go. The things that matter. Did other things happen? Sure, but they didn’t matter—at least according to Twitter. Enjoy!