The Best 20 Tweets on the Controversial New USA Soccer Crest

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The Best 20 Tweets on the Controversial New USA Soccer Crest

US Soccer unveiled a new look on Monday. For the past twenty years, they’ve used a logo—also known as a badge and/or crest, depending on the predilection of the speaker and the fanciness of their accent—which was frozen in 1993, complete with action lines to denote that the ball included in the logo was flying upwards and…over a crossbar maybe?

Now, the governing body of soccer in America has decided to go simple and move to a stripped down design that features little more than some red-and-white stripes (or is red stripes over a white background?) and the letters “U”, “S”, and “A”.

Whatever you think of the design, one of the most interesting things about the launch was the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to publicize the switch through social media channels and a little-known Google product called “Google Cardboard.” Naturally, this riled up the internet. Most things do.

The reaction to the crest itself fell squarely between “meh” and “blech”, with a few rather angry tweeters letting fly with what seems like something of an over-the-top response to…a logo. There was a tearing down of the explanation graphic released with the crest (natch), and even a few allegations of plagiarism. Now, it turns out that it was probably the Little League that plagiarized US Soccer’s design and not the other way around, but nevertheless the Twittersphere chuckled.

Let’s chuckle along with them via this gallery of 20 tweets about US Soccer’s new crest.