These 7 EPL Transfers Equal One Paul Pogba

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These 7 EPL Transfers Equal One Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba cost Manchester United a reported £89m—a new world transfer record that speaks to ridiculous money being earned and spent by the world’s biggest soccer clubs. For perspective, £89m is currently $115 million according to the day’s exchange rates. While that’s not enough to buy an MLS franchise anymore, it is an insane amount of money to spend on one player.

Pogba returns to Manchester after several years developing into a world class midfielder at Juventus. He’s big, strong, fast, has excellent technique, sees the game well, and may one day actually measure up to the insane amount of money the Red Devils are paying to get him at the age of 23. At the very least, United is selling a lot of shirts with the name “Pogba” on the back to offset the expenditure.

While United is breaking records because they can, the rest of the Premier League is doing a decidedly different sort of business. Some clubs—the Chelseas, Liverpool, and Man Cities of the world—are still spending vast amounts of money. None is putting as much into one player as United is into Pogba, but that doesn’t mean they’re spending cheap (or wisely for that matter).

Even further down the ladder, everyone else is making due with players who, at least compared to Pogba, might count as bargains. To illustrate just how out-of-control the fee for Pogba is, we’ve put together a list of seven incoming transfers—all of them the most expensive purchase from outside of Britain made by their respective clubs—who roughly total to the cost of one Paul Pogba. Keep in mind that the amounts that even smaller Premier League clubs are spending is well above what their contemporaries across Europe can afford. Such is the power of the Prem and it’s massive, massive (did we say “massive”?) television rights fees.