Watch: Kids Invade Barcelona's Training Session & The Players Just Go With It

Soccer Video
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Barcelona held a training session yesterday in advance of their meeting with Arsenal in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16. In the middle of training (about 1:30 in the video), three random kids snuck past whatever flimsy security measures the club has in place (opponents: take note) and barged into the session.

Usually security would be summoned at this point to escort the interlopers out. Instead, the players welcomed the children and took time out of their training to make a few dreams come true.

The players signed autographs, posed for selfies, had a short kickabout, and generally tried to make these kids feel like they were part of the team.

Shut up, you’re crying.

The kids were ultimately led out of the facility and the team continued with their preparations.

Barça kickoff against Arsenal at 3:45pm EST later today.