Listen to the Dulcet Tones of Wayne Rooney and Ed Sheeran

Soccer Video Wayne Rooney
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Wayne Rooney is excellent at many things: scoring goals, earning red cards at inopportune times, and making lots of money playing soccer. There are, however, also a few things at which Wayne Rooney is not particularly good. As the video below attests, “covering pop songs in an intimate setting” can now be added to that list.

The Manchester United captain was filmed in a pub with English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran in late October. The Grammy-nominated musician elected to put on an impromptu performance for the assembled bar-goers, and requested Rooney’s help when it came time to sing/whine the song “Lego House.” The England international did his best, and even hit a few of the high notes near the end of the footage. Unfortunately for the Liverpool-native, based on the 30 second sample, it’s unlikely that he will ever achieve the pop stardom of the likes of Sheeran or the far more influential John Barnes.