10 Reasons to Shop for Glasses Online

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According to a recent study, 75% of people in the US need vision correction, and most of them use glasses. And, whether you’re part of that 75% or not, you probably understand how personal a pair of frames can be. A new pair of glasses not only gives you a literal new look at life, but changes your entire style. A good pair of frames can do anything for your outfit or boost your confidence as a whole. But selecting a pair of glasses can be intimidating, especially when the price tag can be so high. Below are 10 reasons why buying glasses online is a better move. We tested these out with our friends at GlassesUSA.com, who’ve done everything in their power to make shopping for your next pair enjoyable. From shopping without risks to being able to virtually try on over 1,000 pairs with the click of a button (sport goggles included), snagging your next pair of frames has never been easier, breezier, or more fun.

Take a look at the video above to see Paste Editor-in-chief Josh Jackson and graphic designer Sarah Lawrence’s experience, and use the code PASTE50 to snag 50% off your first pair.

1. Convenience

Buying a new pair of glasses is a process. In addition to getting in the car and driving to the store in the first place, you have to turn around and pick them up when they’re ready. You might even be forced to make a third trip if they, um, don’t work out. Online shopping, though, takes all the stress out of your next pair of frames. GlassesUSA.com offers not only free shipping and free returns, but a 14-day exchange period, a 365-day warranty and the option of enhanced coverage options.

2. Virtual Try On

It’s hard to imagine being able to try on every pair of frames in a store, but GlassesUSA.com’s Virtual Mirror makes it possible. Upload a photo, or import one from Facebook, to try on every single pair—virtually, of course. Most can even be viewed in 360 mode and on other models from various angles. You can have a really solid idea of what you’ll get without ever leaving your bed (I mean, desk).

3. 14-Day Returns

A new style of glasses takes a bit of time to get used to. When buying online, there’s no salesperson standing over your shoulder, or another customer hogging the mirror. It’s just you and your frames, to make sure that these are the right glasses for you. And 14-day returns means that you can be absolutely sure you’ve bought the right pair.

4. Selection

Unlike a brick and mortar location, the Internet knows no walls (literally). With a selection of over 1,000 frames, GlassesUSA.com fits styles from classic to retro, as well as offers brands including Ray-Ban, Chloé and DVF, among others.

5. Get specific

If only there were filters for real life. Know you want black frames, but not sure of what shape? Or been eyeing a semi rimless pair? Unlike a brick-and-mortar experience, you can hone your search before you even get started.

6. Affordable Prices

Shopping online also helps avoid the markups present at physical stores, meaning your wallet will be as happy as your eyes. Saving you up to 70% off average retail prices, a complete pair of glasses starts at about $48 with lenses, and that’s before any discount codes. With each pair made by professional opticians at in-house state-of-the-art laboratories, you’re getting the quality at a fraction of the price.

7. Reviews

Whether you take a quick glimpse at the five-star rating system or read in-depth reviews, online shopping enables you to experience the product through another’s eyes, and that’s something a traditional retail experience cannot offer.

8. Risk Free

In addition to the security of free shipping, free returns, a 14-day exchange period and a 365-day warranty, GlassesUSA.com boasts a 110% Best Price Guarantee, meaning, if you do stumble upon your dream pair at a lower price, they’ll match it, and give you an additional 10% off. Like we saw with Josh and Sarah in the video, you can be risky—without any risks.

9. Customize

While free basic prescription lenses are included with every frame, upgrades, like premium lens coatings, thinner lenses, transitions lenses and multifocal lenses, are available. Like a pair of frames, but prefer them for your upcoming beach trip instead of day to day life? Every pair of clear lens frame can be made into a pair of sunglasses adding color tint or polarized lenses (there are exclusive sunnies styles, too).

10. Share From Your Screen

With Virtual Try On, it’s easy to get input from friends, whether they’re next to you, or across the globe. Compare frames side by side to see where your next look will take you—friend approved.

Use the code PASTE50 for a 50% off coupon from GlassesUSA.com. (Premium tagged frames and marked-down items do not apply.)