10 Laptop Purses to Carry Your Work in Style

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10 Laptop Purses to Carry Your Work in Style

Carrying around a laptop has become as common as your grandma carrying around a compact. The only thing is, for as small as laptops keep getting, they are still so much bigger than any piece of make-up. So how is a grown-up gal to look stylish carrying around a boring black backpack?

Thank the fashion deities that they have bestowed upon us some very stylish laptop purses, some of which you can’t even tell are carrying a laptop inside. For those who prefer the balance of two straps, Vera Bradley and Côte et Ciel offer elegant backpacks. To completely conceal that laptop, check out the Graceship’s two incognito purses. And for more of a modern briefcase look, Tumi has a sleek and pretty laptop case. Today’s working woman can zip from work to happy hour without skipping a beat.

Check out our 10 favorites in the gallery above.