Back-to-School Sales to Take Advantage of as an Adult

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Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Here are some goods you should grab during all the BTS sales. (At least you don’t have to worry about homeroom placement now.)

1. Sneakers for Gym Sessions

SNEAKERS.jpg Photo via

You should get a Presidential Challenge Physical Fitness Test certificate for making it to a.m. workouts. Get motivated to break a sweat on your own accord with new kicks.

2. Notebooks for Meeting-Note-Taking Motivation

NOTEBOOK.jpg Photo via

Note-taking doesn’t stop once you’ve fulfilled your Poli Sci prerequisite. Stacks on stacks of blank pages inside of cute covers will help get your through nearly every meeting that should’ve been an email.

3. Food Storage Containers for Leftovers-for-Lunch

PREP.jpg Photo via

Get your meal prep on with a rainbow of new food storage containers that’ll prevent you from paying $15 for a chopped salad during your lunch break.

4. Closet Organizers for Neater Clothing Storage

CLOSET.jpg Photo via

Hopefully your current closet trumps the tiny one in your dorm room ages ago. Even if that’s the case, a few closet storage accessories designed to maximize a college space will do your grown-ass space good.

5. Backpacks for Hauling Your Goods

BACKPACK.jpg Photo via

No one misses hauling around a laptop and multiple textbooks for library sessions. Instead, pack up for adventures—or just everyday life—with a sleek new backpack that looks like more of an accessory than a utility.