Watch the First Full Trailer for Netflix's Girlboss

Style Video Girlboss
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Netflix has released the first full trailer for the forthcoming series Girlboss, which follows the rise and fall of Nasty Gal’s young founder and best-selling author Sophia Amoruso—watch above.

The true story of Nasty Gal is already pretty dramatic, so it’s no surprise that Netflix scooped it up for a 13-episode series. Girlboss, which is also the name of Amoruso’s memoir, follows the story of the young entrepreneur as she built a vintage clothing eBay store into an $100 million online fashion empire. She accomplished all this before the age of 30, and her unconventional style and attitude made her seem like the ultimate girl boss. However, as we all know, Nasty Gal was inevitably headed for doom and bankruptcy. Netflix’s Girlboss seems to cover the early days of Amoruso’s career, with all their trials and tribulations.

The series hits Netflix later this month on April 21, and you can buy a copy of Amoruso’s memoir here ($6.85 on Amazon) to get the full story firsthand.