Marc Jacobs Defends His Culturally Appropriative Fashion Show, Makes Things Worse

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Marc Jacobs is under fire following his Spring 2017 fashion show on Thursday that featured white women in dreadlocks. Many immediately took to social media to call him out for the culturally appropriative nature of the show.

Jacobs responded to a critic in an Instagram comment, but neglected to apologize or even acknowledge the black or Rastafarian cultures from which he drew inspiration for the show. In his dismissive blanket of a response, Jacobs said:

And all who cry “cultural appropriation” or whatever nonsense about any race of skin color wearing their hair in a particular style or manner – funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair. I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. I don’t see color or race- I see people. I’m sorry to read that so many people are so narrow minded…Love is the answer. Appreciation of all and inspiration from anywhere is a beautiful thing. Think about it.

Obviously, he didn’t think that response through very thoroughly. The backlash to his response was immense.

Many people on social media dissected his reply and very aptly called him out for his arrogance and ignorance in the situation. View the post that is at the heart of the controversy below, and read our feature on cultural appropriation (in food) here.

@bellahadid and @kendalljenner backstage at our Spring ‘17 show ?? #MJSS17

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