Dead or Alive: A Style Guide to The Walking Dead

Style Lists The Walking Dead
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With all the sturdy leather boots and chambray button downs, who knew the zombie apocalypse would look so good? For a group of people brought together by circumstance and just trying to keep one step ahead of the walkers, Rick Grimes and company on AMC’s The Walking Dead manage to give their distopian world a look all its own. Sure, their clothes may be splattered with a relative’s blood or battle stains, holes and loose seams, but somehow this deconstructed look has found its way into the urban uniform: distressed jeans, basic henleys and a muted color palette are here to stay. Be sure to check out the new season to see what garments the group has scavenged up on their travels to Washington D.C.

Listed below are a few of our favorite looks from The Walking Dead, but do be warned, a few mini spoilers lay ahead if you are not caught up with Season 5.

10. Sasha Williams


Like most of the characters, Sasha has had a rough go of it. Not only did her brief romance to Bob end at the hands of the Terminus cannibals taking his leg for supper, but now her brother, Tyrese, has also passed. Still, while rocking Bob’s green army jacket and basic knits, Sahsa’s resolve to survive is stronger than ever. She may have been dealt a rough hand these past couple of seasons, but something tells us Sasha will come out on top. Or she won’t. Only time will tell.

We are pretty sure Sasha would find the Telma, Angel Wing sweater from Won Hundred just the knit to get her through another cold and lonely night.

wditem10.jpg Photo via Won Hundred

9. Tyrese Williams


Tyrese, the ephemeral good guy, met his demise at the hands of a zombie tween, and we could not have been more discouraged. Known for his caring and softer side, hidden beneath a gigantic exterior, Tyrese was the brother we wish we had during any time, zombie apocalypse or not. His trademark beanie kept his brow dry on hot Georgia days and kept his head warm on cooler nights. Tyrese was our go-to good guy and we will miss having him and his beanie around.

For a hat as warm and comforting as Tyrese himself, Steven Alan’s Cashmere Beanie is a great place to start.

wditem9.jpg Photo via Steven Alan

8. Glenn Rhee


Mr. Fix-it, Glenn has proven himself to be far more than just a lowly pizza delivery driver we met in Season 1. Glenn has had one of the more fleshed out character arcs on the show, and the collective sense of relief when he and Maggie were reunited was palpable—at least at our house. His style is very classic-based and easy-going, the same as Glenn’s general demeanor, or at least until he has to get things done and then the man is down to be a leader, a true supporter, and one of the most valued members of Rick’s crew.

This Henley Tee from Everlane is all Glenn with its grey hue and classic shape.

wditem8.jpg Photo via Everlane

7. Maggie Greene


Maggie has hands-down one of the best styles on the show. She kicks walker butt and takes names all with a strapped, leather garter, killer boots and tough girl exterior. But we all know, Miss Maggie May is a big, old softie and we hope only the best for this southern belle who can take care of herself while looking out for those around her. As much as it tore us in two when her sister, Beth, was killed, if anyone can make it through the loss of a loved one, Maggie is that woman.

For a pair of boots like Maggie’s, try the Veronica Slouch from Frye.

wditem7.jpg Photo via Frye

6. Carol Peletier


Love her or hate her, Carol asks no questions and always does what she thinks is right. The woman has evolved from a domestic abuse victim to a defender of her group, no matter the cost. We will be curious to see if anything ever comes to fruition with the murmured love interest a-brewing between Carol and Daryl, but, either way, this woman knows how to rock a denim shirt and kill walkers all at the same time.

For Carol’s casual comfort this Chambray Long Sleeve from UNIQLO will fit the bill.

wditem6.jpg Photo via UNIQLO

5. Daryl Dixon


How our heart trills for Daryl. Bad-guy gone good, Daryl is dirty and gritty, our trailer-trash Romeo with a crossbow to stop walkers in their tracks and slay our hearts with perfect aim. Daryl’s tough guy exterior, leather coat and biker boots only give this fallen angel more allure. He can lead us into the dark unknown of walker territory any time. We might even consider eating one of those dank mud snakes with him.

Channel your inner bad boy with this Vintage Leather Vest from Vintage Leather IND.

wditem5.jpg Photo via Vintage Leather IND

4. Beth Greene


Oh, Beth. How you broke our hearts with one ill-fated and poorly planned stab of a scissors. Still, we can’t help but remember the tiny hints of style you brought to a bleak landscape with layered bracelets and perfectly distressed jeans, neutral tanks and braided hair ponytails. Beth was The Walking Dead’s style icon if there ever was one. Her hopeful spirit and loving birdsong will be missed.

For the perfectly distressed jean feel without zombies at your ankles, try UNIF Billie Jean from Nasty Gal.

wditem4.jpg Photo via Nasty Gal

3. Carl Grimes


Caaaarrrrllllllllll! Though Carl had a rough start to the show, easily hated and thoughtfully annoying with his precious wide-eyed naiveté, it would seem Carl has grown into a respectable young adult. Still a bit forgiving and easily swayed by the want to help, Carl may need to brace for reality’s harsh truths, if only to better equip himself for the everyday struggle he and the group faces. Either way, with the help of Rick and crew, Carl has grown into his father’s hat nicely.

Emulate Carl all grown up with this Whisler Civilian Teddy Hat from Urban Outfitters.

2. Michonne


Though she may not say much, Michonne has proven herself to be a fierce competitor and in a high position among Rick’s ranks. We love her for her fingerless gloves, trainers, and of course, the sword. Not one to be tangled with, Michonne and her headwraps, leather vests and general take no prisoners demeanor, always means business. Though as the show progresses, a gentle side lurks within and the way she has taken Carl under her wing makes us love Miss Michonne even more.

Always on her feet, Michonne has been known to rock a pair of high tops and this pair from MM6 Maison Martin Margiela from SSense is sure to keep you slicing and dicing in style.

wditem2.jpg Photo via SSense

1. Rick Grimes


Though we may not always agree with Rick’s choices, he has and will always be, the leader of the pack. Rick has survived the death of his wife, the birth of his baby, Judith, and still, somehow, remains a father-figure to his son through these hard times. Rick’s apparel may not reek of style but we are so glad he swapped his sheriff’s uniform for a paired down everyday look. He has the respect of his group and no longer needs the uniform to garner their compliance. Rick has it going on and with his shearling lined jacket, he manages to keep the walkers at bay and look good doing it.

A close match to Rick’s own, the ASOS Denim Jacket with Faux Shearling Collar. has style fit for whatever the post-apocalypse may bring.

wditem1.jpg Photo via ASOS