Manual App Review (iOS): Custom Exposure Camera

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Manual App Review (iOS): Custom Exposure Camera

iOS 8 brought a ton of updates with it. Alongside of a new keyboard interface and all of the signature tricks of the trade that arrive with a new version of iOS, the camera UI got a much needed boost in terms of its functionality. Manual Camera is an app that attempts to bring out that potential.

In short, the camera is now unlocked in iOS 8. Gone are the days where you can’t manually control the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, or the focus settings. The focus of Manual is simplicity. There’s no real bells and whistles, no crazy filters or any real editing tools—just the ability to control a basic picture taking session.


Based on my testing Manual delivered on pretty much every photo shoot as long as there wasn’t anything that needed to be tweaked. The focus on a clean screen is great for people who don’t like clunky interfaces taking up your real estate, and ensures clear shots even with smaller and older iPhones. Having said that, fine-tuning each setting can be a major pain, as the minimalistic design is often too minimal and too sensitive to the touch.

The lack of an editor also hurts when you realize that you need to essentially dual-boot two apps to get your intended end result. The focus on simplicity is both a blessing and a curse, and will definitely be a divisive factor amongst casual and professional photographers alike.

Nonetheless, Manual Camera is a great app for those of you who are looking to get more out of your camera, but there’s a number of other competitors out there like Camera+ that have updated into the iOS 8 era. Definitely try giving the default software a try before you dip into paid territory.

Manual Camera is an iOS app that can be downloaded for $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.