10 Great Apps for a Perfect Mother's Day

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10 Great Apps for a Perfect Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you have plenty of ideas of what to do, right? No? Well, that’s ok because we have a bevy of apps that will inspire you or even help arrange things to make her day perfect. Best of all, they’re entirely free, meaning you can focus on spending money on your beloved mother or caregiver rather than spending it in the App Store.

1. Red Stamp Cards (Free)

redstamp_680.jpgRed Stamp Cards makes it easy to send your mother (or anyone else) a greetings card — whether that be via email, text, tweet, Facebook or by regular physical mail. Over 2000 different forms of stationery are available, covering a wide range of purposes. You can easily find the perfect design before personalizing it and mailing it for less than $3 a card including postage.

2. 1-800-Flowers.com (Free)

1800_680.jpgMany mothers love receiving flowers. 1-800-Flowers.com makes the process a breeze. You can easily arrange to send flowers, plants and even gifts via the app. A wide variety of flowers are available here, along with the option of gourmet cookies, chocolates and fruit bouquets. It’ll even work internationally, catering for more than 195 countries.

3. Shari’s Berries (Free)

shari_680.jpgWant to send a different kind of gift to your mother? Shari’s Berries allows you to mail fresh dipped strawberries and hand decorated cake pops. It takes seconds to arrange. It’s a little pricy but it’s sure to stand out in their memory as something a bit different from flowers.

4. Pinterest (Free)

pinterest_680.jpgIf you feel like making something for your mother’s gift then Pinterest will offer you tons of inspiration. It’s a favorite amongst many people looking for inspiration, offering style advice, crafting ideas and gift projects, all via its extensive and creative community. The only downside is they won’t make it for you.

5. Craftsy (Free)

craftsy_680.jpgCraftsy offers hundreds of online classes in nearly every craft imaginable. Thousands of project ideas are included with video classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, cake decorating, photography, woodworking and more. You can either use it to learn to make something for your mother, or you can introduce her to the app and watch her love every second.

6. Etsy (Free)

etsy_680.jpgCrafting takes time and a little bit of talent. If you’re lacking one or the other, give Etsy a try. It’s a marketplace full of handmade and vintage goods, with some fantastic creations that you can purchase. Each gift looks far more distinctive than if you just went to a regular store, so your Mom is bound to be grateful.

7. Food Network In The Kitchen (Free)

foodnetwork_680.jpgCooking a meal is always a great way to show how much you care about someone. Food Network In The Kitchen provides you with over 50,000 recipes meaning there’s something for everyone’s taste. There’s a good choice of healthy and decadent meal options, with everything coming with its own set of how-to videos.

8. OpenTable (Free)

opentable_680.jpgIf you’d rather take your mother out for a meal then OpenTable is the app for you. You can easily find a great restaurant before making a reservation from within the app. You’ll be able to view menus, reviews and photos, before co-ordinating plans with the family by sending out invites and using iMessage to vote on where to go.

9. The Liquor Cabinet (Free)

liquor_680.jpgEveryone loves a delicious drink, and The Liquor Cabinet is the perfect portal for the perfect drink. The app offers a curated library of essential, classic cocktail recipes, ensuring you can make your mother’s favorite drink with ease. Alongside each recipe is snippets of the history behind each drink, tips on how to serve and the option to save and share your favorites.

10. The Bump (Free)

thebump_680.jpgFor those who aren’t mothers yet but want to be one day, The Bump is a worthy app to try out. It offers a planner for each step of the way during your pregnancy, an interactive 3D visualization of the baby’s growth, as well as a community that can answer all your concerned questions during pregnancy.