Father's Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for the Gadget-Loving Dad

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Father's Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for the Gadget-Loving Dad

Father’s Day is near and you’re probably looking for a gift idea or two, right? Gadgets are a great place to start so we’ve taken the time to round up 10 great ideas that cater to every budget. There’s bound to be something your Dad will love, no matter where his interest lies.

Apple Watch (From $369)

applewatchfathers_680.jpgIs the Apple Watch the perfect smartwatch? No, but arguably, that doesn’t yet exist. It is a stylish device that covers many bases, though. Available in two different sizes, it benefits from that ease of use that so many Apple products provide. The Series 2 variety comes with built-in GPS, ensuring you don’t have to have iPhone nearby at all times. It’s water resistant too, being ideal for the avid swimmer. If your Dad is a keen runner, gym goer or simply likes a watch that does a little more than the average timepiece, this should be a hit.

Amazon Echo ($179.99)

amazonechofathers_680.jpgAmazon Echo is a pretty cool form of smart speaker. Simply talk to Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant built into it, and she’ll do pretty much anything you could want. The device will help control music playback around your house, your smart lightbulbs, make it easy to create to-do lists or set alarms. It’ll even give you a heads up on weather and traffic reports. Think of it as Siri, but more effective. It’s an ideal hub for an increasingly smart home, and is sure to entice your Dad into embracing even more smart technology.

Roccbox ($599)

roccboxfathers_680.jpgA luxury purchase for most, Roccbox is a portable wood and gas stone oven that you’re going to love. It’ll cook a pizza in 90 seconds, while remaining light enough for one person to carry around. Whether you’re using it in your garden or taking it camping with you, it’s a souped up barbecuing experience. It’s even pretty stylish to look at. Consider it a long term investment if you’re a fan of al fresco cooking.

Aukey SoundTank Bluetooth Speaker ($54.99)

aukeyspeaker_680.jpgMany different Bluetooth Speakers are available now, with Aukey’s SoundTank being ideal for those on a budget. Offering 30 hours of playtime, as well as water resistance, it’s ideal for when you’re travelling away from a power port, but still want to listen to music or podcasts. It weighs just over a pound so it’s lightweight and small enough to store in your bag. Its dual 5 watt speaker drivers are good enough to keep you beguiled. There’s even an AUX input for those with non-Bluetooth devices.

Nest ($249)

nestfathers_680.jpgA thermostat doesn’t sound like the most exciting of gifts but Nest is so much smarter than that. With the new third generation version, it programs itself, monitoring how best to control your temperatures, ensuring it’ll pay for itself in no time. Hooked up via your smartphone or a hub such as Amazon Echo, you can be in ultimate control of how efficiently heated your home is. It hardly takes any time to install too, meaning you’ll be saving money in no time.

Nanit ($279)

nanitfathers_680.jpgA new father and keen to keep an eye on your kids at all times? Nanit is the modern way of monitoring them. It’s a baby monitor that also works as a sleep tracker, giving you insight into how well your baby is sleeping, and suggesting how you might be able to improve things. Alongside that is real-time HD quality video so you can always see what your child is doing via your smartphone. That offers the extra bonus of allowing you to record footage if they do something great while you’re not available. You can check in wherever you are around the world.

Aukey Portable charger ($53.99)

aukeycharger_600.jpgWant to buy something a bit more practical for your Dad? A portable charger is ideal if he likes to go camping or hiking often. Its quick charge facility means it’ll charge devices up to 4 times faster than through usual means. There’s lightning cable and micro USB cable support, meaning pretty much all your devices can be charged with it. Throw in a built-in flashlight and it’s practical and useful. Consider it a great gift for the Dad that likes his gadgets to have a specific purpose.

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine ($199)

sansairefathers_680.jpgSous Vide cooking is the latest big craze in getting your food just right. This machine ensures you can precisely control how well your steak is done, tenderising tough cuts. It’ll also keep poultry juicy so you don’t have to worry about dried out meat. Looking stylish and futuristic, it’ll easily fit on your kitchen side with easy to use controls. It’s sure to entice those who want to cook with a little more accuracy than a stove or oven can provide.

Creative Outlier Sports Headphones ($69.99)

creativefathers_680.jpgA relatively inexpensive pair of in-ear headphones, Creative Outlier Sports are ideal for the active father in your life. Ultra-light, these wireless and sweat proof in-ear headphones will remain snugly in your ears whether you’re running, cycling, or just going for a walk. With a long battery life of 11 hours, you won’t have to worry about recharging them often either.

iGrill Mini ($49.99)

igrillminifathers_680.jpgWeber’s iGrill Mini is the ideal budget solution for keen grillers. You can use it to monitor food from beginning to end. It’ll notify you once it has reached the perfect temperature to take off the grill. Simple and to the point, you can easily wander around talking to people at your party, while still always knowing that your smartphone will tell you when the meat is ready.