How to Sell Your Old iPhone When Upgrading to the iPhone 6s

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If you are thinking about getting the new iPhone 6s, now is the time to beat the rush and sell your old iPhone. As two-year plans and subsidized phones begin to fade away, knowing how to sell your old iPhone that you actually own is going to be more and more important.

Given that you have the latest iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, eBay and Craigslist will net you the most money guarantee’d because you won’t have to go through a middle man. All you have to pay for are the eBay and PayPal fees and shipping costs. However, you’d have to create an account (if you don’t have one already), take photos of the device, and make a listing. Then, you’d have to package it up and send it out.

If you don’t feel comfortable listing your iPhone on those sites, you can check out the services below where you can enter your details and they will give you a quote and a place where you can send your device in.

Gazelle is probably one of the more popular websites to use but if you bought your device with an Equipment Installment Plan and still have a balance, they won’t take it. It has be paid off because if you default on your payments, the carrier will brick the iPhone via the IMED number. You can choose to get paid via a check, gift card, or PayPal.

NextWorth is another popular website but doesn’t require your EIP to be paid off in order for them to buy your device. However, their payout (PayPal, check, Target giftcard, or Discover debit card) is a little lower than Gazelle’s offers. One thing that sets them apart is they have a 30-day price lock guarantee so you can get a quote for your device and it would good for 30-days, no matter what. So you can hang onto your current iPhone until the new one arrives and then send it into NextWorth.

Again, eBay and Craigslist would be your best bet if you want the most cash for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Just make sure you include every detail especially if it has any cracks, dings, or scratches because the buyer might make a case of returning if they receive the device that is not as described.

Lastly, you can often sell your device back to your carrier at the time of purchasing your iPhone 6s, which can be used toward the cost of your new phone. You won’t always get the best sell back price here, but it’s a pretty convenient way to go.