Netflix Now Allows You to Clear Viewing History

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Netflix Now Allows You to Clear Viewing History

Netflix now has a feature that allows you to remove items from your viewing history, preventing both humiliation on shared accounts and unwanted suggestions for further viewing.

To manage your history, navigate to your “Viewing Activity” page. Any information you choose to delete will be removed from your activity on all devices within 24 hours.

Netflix is also developing a new privacy setting that, if applied, won’t log whatever you’re viewing. This feature is undergoing testing, and is available to a small percentage of users.

Netflix hit 50 million subscribers in July and recently began its expansion to Europe, starting in France on Sept. 16. The streaming service plans to enter Australia in 2015, although Stephen Langsford, founder and CEO of local competitor Quickflix argues that Netflix has illegally acquired more than 200,000 subscribers through virtual private networks (VPNs).