Feed Your Feed!: 10 Travel Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Summertime is almost synonymous with vacation. And for many among us, vacation means travel. Getting away. Escaping to a new land. Twitter feeds focusing on travel can offer us ideas, deals and pictures for our getaways. Some are frugal, and some are fancy. Some are silly, and some are serious. But they all have one thing in common: they’ll take you on a trip of dreaming and planning your next adventure.

Fly away with these traveling Twitter birds, and bon voyage, Paste readers.

1. Phoenix & Phoenix – @phoenixnphoenix

Twitter Bio: Making #businesstravel fun. You'll find stories here about many special places around the world not mentioned by tourist guides:http://www.phoenixandphoenix.net
Followers: 23.4K
Need for Feed: @phoenixnphoenix is for the creative traveller who does not have the time to plan a creative trip. With posts about visiting Star Wars shooting locations in Tunisia, 10-story aquariums in Vienna, and where to find the most CREATIVE burgers in the world, Phoenix & Phoenix is fun to follow even if you're not planning a trip.

2. Lonely Planet – @lonelyplanet

Twitter Bio:Tweeting (& RT'ing) the best in travel. 1/Follow us 2/Tag your tweets with #lp 3/We read your posts 4/We re-tweet the best of them.
Followers: 1.61M
Need for Feed: The Lonely Planet series is the staple travel guide for the frugal, barebones adventurer. While the guide books are great, the twitter feed offers little snippets and ideas from various parts of the world.

3. Condé Nast Traveler – @CNTraveler

Twitter Bio: Food and fashion, design and destinations, tips and tricks. Global inspiration from Condé Nast Traveler. Tell us where you're going next!
Followers: 494K
Need for Feed: Condé Nast Traveler keeps you informed with all the coolest traveling trends. Like bathers soaking in an Orlando, Fla., wave pool. Or the top hotel outdoor lounges. These tweets and pics will make you feel like you're traveling luxuriously.

4. The Frugal Traveler – @frugaltraveler

Twitter Bio: Roaming the world, the New York Times' Frugal Traveler seeks out high style on a low budget (but doesn't answer vague questions like Cambodia…any advice?)
Followers: 400K
Need for Feed: The Frugal Traveler doesn't post with regularity, probably because he's pinching pennies as he roams the world. Following him will ignite that youthful curiosity to explore the world with no looking back.

5. Travel Insider – @TravelInsiderM

Twitter Bio: I love #travel, #photography, #food, #culture. #Worldfestivals. #airlineshttps://www.facebook.com/TravelInsiderMagazine …
Followers: 21.4K
Need for Feed: Who doesn't love learning the inside scoop? Between giving you the lowdown about stuff like a secret castle in Chicago and mouth-watering pics of #foodporn, this feed definitely earns its name as the TravelInsider.

6. 2 Travel Everywhere – @2traveverywhere

Twitter Bio: The story of 2 people who fell in love and decided 2 #travel the world in search of #adventure everywhere. We are @cubantabasco & @slynberg
Followers: 954
Need for Feed: These two lovebirds are flying, following their hearts wherever they take them. Warning: Their blissful relationship and awesome sightseeing may be envy-inducing.

7. Kristin Luna – @LunaticAtLarge

Twitter Bio: Magazine Journalist, Travel and Food Expert, Entrepreneur, UT Vol, Guidebook Author, Digital Media Strategist, Southern Belle
Followers: 12.7K
Need for Feed: Kristin is funny and writes about travel. Looking for somewhere to vent about delays? A dig at TSA here and a joke about culture shock there can help ensure the downside of travel.

8. A Luxury Travel Blog – @luxury__travel

Twitter Bio: Blogging on all things luxury travel at http://ALuxuryTravelBlog.com – please contact us via the blog (http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/contact-us )
Followers: 389K
Need for Feed: Oh, the good life. If you don't need to pinch your pennies, check out A Luxury Travel Blog. With images of glorious hotels, tips on luxury safari driving routes, and featuring some of the most delectable dishes, it will make even those of us that can't afford a fancy trip feel more affluent.

9. TravelWeeks – @TravelWeeks

Twitter Bio: Fearless globe-trotter traveling and taking pictures one city at a time.
Followers: 40.2K
Need for Feed: Pictures on Twitter are a keyhole to the world, especially TravelWeeks' pictures. And part of the pleasure of traveling is imagining the voyage itself. Lose yourself staring at the Overwater Bungalows at the Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort in Tahiti. Take a helicopter ride over the fabulous night view of Monte Carlo. And just dream

10. Marilyn Terrell – @Marilyn_Res

Twitter Bio: chief researcher, National Geographic Traveler magazine. Find me on rebelmousehttp://www.rebelmouse.com/Marilyn_Res and MuckRackhttp://muckrack.com/Marilyn_Res
Followers: 48.9K
Need for Feed: As the chief researcher for the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Marilyn Terrell is an expert on our beautiful world and what parts of it to see. She retweets insightful articles on how to be respectful of other cultures, how to make the most of a bad flight situation, and, of course, stunning photos. (She does work for Nat Geo, after all).

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for voyagers. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love to travel?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.