Feed Your Feed!: 10 Twitter Accounts Worth Following for Job Seekers

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When people talk about looking for jobs, they throw around words like “hunting.” That’s because in today’s economy, you often have to be so aggressive to get a job, you feel like a hunter. Some claim the Internet has made finding a job easier because of the amount of options. They’re wrong. If anything, the amount of options to sift through has made it overwhelming.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Internet has nothing to offer the work-impaired. Perhaps the best thing to do is embrace the good the Internet can offer: tips about postings, résumé advice, company reviews, etc. Fortunately, there are some websites and feeds out there that are genuinely great guides on the path to finding a job.

Good luck to all those searching, and hopefully this list will catapult you into a cloud of opportunity and gainful employment.

1. TweetMyJobs – @TweetMyJobs

Twitter Bio: TweetMyJobs is the leading social and mobile job distribution network. We provide job seekers with great job matches where they want them, when they want them.
Followers: 121K
Need for Feed: Searching for an occupation can occupy most of your day. But successful people know how to optimize their time. Follow @TweetMyJobs to have their advice and openings sent directly to you. Plus, they have uplifting quotes to keep your head up when feeling downtrodden in your searches.

2. CareerBuilder – @CareerBuilder

Twitter Bio: Our team is here to help you in every step of your career journey. Ask us your questions, share your story:http://www.TheWorkBuzz.com .
Followers: 115K
Need for Feed: Whether you're breaking into your first job or looking for a lateral move, Career Builder has a plethora of postings and makes it easy to apply to them.

3. BI Careers – @BI_Careers

Twitter Bio: The latest strategic career advice from @BusinessInsider http://www.businessinsider.com/careers
Followers: 19.3K
Need for Feed: Business Insider offers in-depth coverage of the news and happenings in the business world, and their careers section does the same for the tips and trends of pursuing your job and boosting your opportunities.

4. Glassdoor – @Glassdoor

Twitter Bio: The leading jobs and career community. Want more from Glassdoor? Visit our Blog:http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/
Followers: 42.8K
Need for Feed: When looking into any company, check them out on Glassdoor. It's literally a figurative door made of glass that gives you transparency into your future possible workplace. There you can find reviews and salaries about the business you may be working for.

5. The Muse – @dailymuse

Twitter Bio: Everything you need to find your dream career – & be awesome at it. Check out http://www.themuse.com  for a unique & engaging job search, career advice, & more.
Followers: 44.8K
Need for Feed: The Muse has an incredible website for all things job search. And, like a true muse, this feed provides inspiration on how to approach a job search in a more innovative, amusing way. Their posts are fun to read, like how to write a tastefully creative resume, and their graphics are a visual delight.

6. Heather R. Huhman – @heatherhuhman

Twitter Bio: Gen Y internship and entry-level career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder of #HRtech content marketing/PR firm
Followers: 26.3K
Need for Feed: Breaking into your first job is often the hardest part of starting a career. Heather R. Huhman focuses on advice for entry-level job seekers. Her tips range from figuring out what career path works for you, how to land that first gig, and what to expect in the interview process.

7. Kevin Kermes – @KevinKermes

Twitter Bio: Founder of @allthingscareer(@careerattract, @everyvethired@careermeh) Father, Husband and Former Infantry Officer. Writes about careers & more…
Followers: 16.8K
Need for Feed: On top of being a job hunt guru, Kevin Kermes hosts very inspiring Google hangouts in which he discusses the employment market with other career gurus and job seekers.

8. Kennedy Executive – @KennedyExec

Twitter Bio: 360 degrees of career management: executive search, coaching during the integration period (included) and outplacement. Career advice and news alert on our blog.
Followers: 4,838
Need for Feed: Job hunting can be daunting, depressing and dejecting. But with posts like “5 lessons every startup should learn from the German football team,” Kennedy Executive gives you that adrenaline rush to score points in your next interview in a creative way.

9. Susan P. Joyce – @JobHuntOrg

Twitter Bio: http://job-hunt.org (see the hyphen between Job and Hunt!) guide to smarter job search, a Forbes top 100 site; also seehttp://huffingtonpost.com/susan-p-joyce/
Followers: 48.3K
Need for Feed: If you're looking for great articles about how to boost your career, look no further than Susan P. Joyce. She finds some of the best articles on enhancing your job viability, including posts about optimizing your social media presence, finding career resources, and elegantly rejecting a job.

10. Alexandra Levit – @alevit

Twitter Bio: Workplace author, speaker, columnist, and consultant. Helping people succeed in meaningful jobs and building relationships between organizations and top talent.
Followers: 139K
Need for Feed: Once you’re well into work, problems and career challenges still arise. Alexandra Levit guides you on how to make the most of your current employment, how to work well with your boss, and how to move to the next level.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for job seekers. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for job hunters?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.