10 Airbnbs in Prague for Less Than $100

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10 Airbnbs in Prague for Less Than $100

Prague is one of the most popular Airbnb destinations in Europe. But unlike its fellow top cities London and Paris, it’s extremely affordable. With nightly rates averaging $67 at press time—and many perfectly fine private properties available for around $30/night—it’s no wonder the Czech capital is attracting so many budget-conscious travelers. We scoured the home-sharing site for attractive, clean entire-place rentals with good reviews, convenient locations, and low price points. Here’s what we came up with.

1. Light-filled studio 2. Sprawling apartment 3. Efficient studio 4. Top-floor apartment 5. French-inspired space 6. Cozy apartment 7. Attic apartment 8. Colorful apartment 9. One-bedroom flat 10. Sleek studio

Erica Jackson Curran is a former alt-weekly editor turned moonlight freelancer based in Richmond, Virginia.