10 Magnifico Airbnbs in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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10 Magnifico Airbnbs in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Colorful, colonial San Miguel de Allende, Mexico isn’t just a favorite destination for American retirees and sun-seeking artists and yogis; the charming city is also a smart stop for Airbnb aficionados. While San Miguel’s cosmopolitan (and tourist-friendly) shops and restaurants make it one of the country’s more expensive cities, its private home rentals are surprisingly affordable—we’re talking room rentals starting at just $10/night. Or you could rent an entire luxury casa overlooking the city for significantly less than the price of a hotel room in most American cities. Book a flight for the city’s famous Dia de los Muertos celebration, or plan a winter getaway to enjoy its mild climate.

1. 2000-plus-square-foot house 2. Case de la Paz 3. Two-bedroom garden-level apartment 4. Expansive home 5. Casa Canela Fina 6. Casita Linda 7. Petite apartment 8. Contemporary casa 9. Casa Guadalupe 10. La Barda Azul.

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