Book a Free Stopover in Finland with Finnair

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Nothing can top the feeling of boarding a plane on your way to your next destination. There’s something about clutching your carry-on a little tighter as you walk to your seat anticipating the moment you get to relax or explore your temporary haven.

Finnair might be able to top that excitement with their new program. Similarly to IcelandAir’s Stopover Buddy program, Finnair has just launched a free stopover program in Finland. Passengers flying through Helsinki can now opt to book a stopover for up for five days going to or coming back from their original destination with no additional airfare costs.

Finnair has partnered with a local tour operator, Finland Tours, to create a stopover itinerary. The designed itineraries range from a couple of hours shopping or eating in downtown Helsinki to a few days on an expedition to see the Northern Lights in Lapland.

While searching for flights from New York to Paris with the intent of a three-day stopover,
Travel+Leisure found that the results varied when searching for those without the stopover. Flights without stopovers could be booked for any day whereas flights with a stopover were only available for midweek departures. Although the flights and stopovers varied, the price stayed the same.

Whether you chose to spend three or five days on your stopover with Finnair, the impressive Esplanadi Park in downtown Helsinki or riding through the city will leave you wanting more. Instead of just stopping over, Finland will become your next original vacation destination.

Lauren Spiler is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia, but most call her Spiler.