Where to Find the Beef in Calgary

Or, 5 reasons Calgary is AKA Cowtown.

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Where to Find the Beef in Calgary

Where’s the beef? Calgary of course!

For those of you who didn’t know the answer to that question, let us explain. In Calgary, beef is a serious subject, which is why Calgary is also know as Cowtown. Alberta is in the heart of Canadian Beef Country, where 70 percent of the country’s beef is produced. Proudly carnivorous, this western city on the edge of the Rockies is devoted to the ranch way of life and Prime Alberta beef.

For visitors to Calgary, there are several places to indulge in a love for beef—here are five options for tasting the pride of Alberta.

Main photo by Gord McKenna

Waheeda Harris may live in Toronto, but her heart remains in her home province of British Columbia. A freelance journalist for fifteen years, she writes about art, décor, design and travel.

1. CHARCUT Roast House

The house of meat built by award-winning co-chefs and co-owners John Jackson and Connie DeSousa is a welcome place for meat-lovers to gather for urban cuisine with a rustic accent. Indulge in the butcher steak, seven ounces of 7K Ranch grass-fed dry-aged beef served with chimichurri sauce and wild arugula.

2. Vintage Chophouse

A local favorite amongst restaurant critics, this haven for beef offers a 32 ounce Canada Prime Rib Chop, with all the on-trend monikers: grass-fed, dry-aged and organic. The meat is sourced from The Meat Shop of Pine Haven Colony, a family-farm-run butcher supplying restaurants from cattle ranches south of Edmonton.

3. Italian Centre Shop

This gourmet shop, offering a wide array of must-have pantry staples, receives weekly deliveries from Messinger Meats, which specializes in Piedmontese, a rare Italian cattle now raised in Alberta. Free of hormones and antibiotics, the Tavola Calda (hot table) serves tender Piedmontese Beef transformed into Braciola (Italian beef rolls in tomato sauce), meatballs and roast beef.

4. Modern Steak

This award-winning restaurant matches craft cocktails with a passion for Alberta beef that is never frozen and sourced from three ranches: Brant Lake Wagyu, Heritage Angus Beef and Munton Family Benchmark Alberta Beef. Go for broke to get more than a daily dose of protein with the 36 ounce tomahawk rib-eye. No side dish needed.

Bonus: Longview Steakhouse

Just south of Calgary on the historic Cowboy Trail, this intimate family-owned steakhouse is the choice of families and those celebrating a special occasion to indulge in grass-fed Alberta prime beef with all the bells and whistles. Try the melt-in-your-mouth Longview filet mignon, served on a bed of steamed vegetables with a topping of buttery Béarnaise sauce.