Checklist: Fort Worth, Texas

It’s not just a place for layovers.

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Checklist: Fort Worth, Texas

Since its founding as a military post in 1849, Fort Worth has kept a longstanding connection to the Old West. Ranch hands and outlaws once coincided here, cattle was a serious business, and part of its downtown area had once been a rowdy district named Hell’s Half Acre. While that’s all in the past, Fort Worth’s cowboy culture is only a little relaxed today, and still vibrant.

What really changed are Fort Worth’s districts. In recent decades, there has been an ongoing urban renaissance in the city’s areas, ushering in everything from museums and public spaces to craft breweries/distilleries and eclectic eateries. Let’s not forget the new bike-sharing program, something every city has to have to be considered relevant these days.

While it might be hard to keep up with this ever changing city, we’ve created a helpful checklist for visitors.

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