TravelSomeday: Where to Go When the World Recovers

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TravelSomeday: Where to Go When the World Recovers

While the novel coronavirus is battering those who work in the travel industry and those nights in dreaming of being somewhere else are growing old, there’s a new travel movement taking root. TravelSomeday, a hashtag that has emerged on Instagram, was created by Teddy Minford, the editor of Fodor’s Travel. The idea is that those in the travel industry are hoping to inspire people to start planning the journeys they’ll eventually be able to take. Travel writers, editors and anyone else who wants to look back on some of their favorite moments out on the road can share their posts and use the hashtag. One day the novel coronavirus will recede and those who love to explore the world can head out to travel again. So, start planning your future travels now. There’s never been a better time to get ready to search the world over when it is safe to get out there again.


TravelSomeday posts have been tagged on Instagram with photos coming from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Japan and Sri Lanka. There are countless destinations—cities, countries and events—across the globe. As the world changes and adapts to a remote existence during the COVID-19 lockdown, however, let’s hope we continue to do our best to support local, small businesses and other issues we stand for during our future travels too.

One issue we can definitely stand to support during our travels to come: distilleries with women at the helm. Very few distilleries have female distillers or master blenders—and few breweries have female master brewers. So, do some homework on the booze factories in the area you plan to visit. Ireland is home to Bushmills, which is the oldest licensed distillery in the world and, bonus, the master blender who creates incredible, award-winning whiskey profiles is Helen Mulholland. The Sexton, another single malt Irish whiskey, is also, naturally, made in Ireland by Master Blender Alex Thomas. Finally, Amass, a vodka and gin distillery that also makes botanical-inspired home items like hand soap (perfect for TravelSomeday planning) and candles, is home to Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan.


Though so many are ordering take-out, contributing to virtual tip jars or ordering gift cards and merchandise online from favorite local restaurants, that’s another component of travel we just can’t wait to return to. From local restaurants to neighborhood bars, so much of the local flavor comes from the food and drink industry. Again, some extra research now could find you eat out at some of the best local finds on your next travels. One hyper-local city for dining and drinking is Portland, Oregon. With an incredible food scene that features great vegetarian and vegan options too, Portland is home to some exciting new restaurants like Bullard, Normandie and Holdfast. When it comes to bars, you can’t pass up on Clyde Common with its award-winning bar program or Whiskey Library (if you can get in), which serves more than 1500 whiskeys alone. Both of these quintessential Portland picks serve up local liquor too, like Westward Whiskey.

At the end of the novel coronavirus, there are endless possibilities for exploring the world. From spa retreats in Los Cabos and hitting the slopes in Hokkaido to the rugged outdoors of Albania and exploring all of Europe from the saddle of a bike along EuroVelo, there are a lifetime of tantalizing options to choose from. We hope you’ll support others by looking for a place you love in the world and then seeking out the next. We are all citizens of the world, and we still need to connect with one another. So yearn for the world now, and rocket yourself across it in the months and years ahead.

Molly Harris is a freelance journalist. You can often find her on the highway somewhere between Florida and North Carolina or taking life slow in Europe.

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