Reindeer Best at Delivering Presents, Not Pizza

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A reindeer delivering Domino’s Pizza to your door? It must be too good to be true… and it is.

Domino’s has joined Hokkaido Integrated Research Center in Japan to attempt to train new delivery recruitments to carry its pizzas across the chilly climate of the country’s northernmost island, Hokkaido this season. However, the idea was pulled just a week after it launched.

Unfortunately, the reindeer did not cooperate as they shook their antlers, refused to stop at the destinations and unforgivably dropped the pizzas from the delivery bags.

Domino’s announced they ended the training operations at Hokkaido Integrated Research Center and Santa’s helpers returned to the jolly man just in time to perform the most important delivery job, delivering presents.

Although the reindeer idea did not go as well as hoped, Domino’s will be giving their customers a reindeer-esque experience as they will deliver pizzas via scooters dressed as reindeer with antlers and a tail.

Lauren Spiler is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia. Most call her Spiler.