8 Florid Destinations for Petal-Peepers

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8 Florid Destinations for Petal-Peepers

Spring’s first few flowers give us hope for seasonal renewal, but it’s the super bloom that signals the world’s full-blown transition to warmth. Saturated fields of color and floral biodiversity explode, lifting spirits, triggering allergies and motivating petal-obsessed travelers.

As with fall, the seasonal shift catalyzes travelers eager to witness spring’s biological renewal. You’ve likely had your share of moisture this April, and now spring’s second wave of flowers is blooming around the hemisphere.

Flip through the gallery for the best destinations for marveling at flowers, and don’t forget to pack your allergy meds.

1. Carlsbad photo by MR MAO PICS, CC BY 2.0. 2. Hitachi Seaside Park photo by temaki, CC BY 2.0. 3. Joshua Tree photo by Robb Hannawacker. 4. 5. Texas hill country photo by Sandy Horvath-Dori, CC BY 2.0 5. Ecuador hoto by Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty 6. British Columbia photo by Shazron, CC BY 2.0 7. Tuscany photo by Caporali Stefano/Getty. 8.Yúnnán photo by Ronald Tagra, CC BY 2.0

Sarra Sedghi is the assistant editor of Paste’s food and science sections.