3 Leading Hotels of the World Redefining Miami’s Spa Scene

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3 Leading Hotels of the World Redefining Miami’s Spa Scene

There’s no doubt that Miami holds its own as an East coast metropolitan, with its raging nightlife, art-deco architecture, bustling traffic and rows of palm trees. There’s a sense of innovation that’s at the helm of the humming city, with world-class resort spas playing a key role in the modernization.

Spearheading the way are three South Florida-based Leading Hotels of the World, a collection more than 375 luxury hotels in 75 countries praised for capturing the essence of their destination. From America’s only South American-inspired spa to Florida’s first resort to have Himalayan salt walls, there’s no doubt that the Sunshine State is making (therapeutic) waves on the spa front.

Aubrie is a South Florida-based freelance food and destination writer with an appetite for adventure. When she isn’t writing about a destination or the latest food trend, you’ll find her shooting food photos for catering companies and restaurants.

Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach

This is the year of salt for the Acqualina Spa by ESPA located on Sunny Isles Beach. After unveiling two Himalayan salt walls inside its men's and women's relaxation lounges earlier this year—a first for a Florida resort, according to Acqualina—the five-star spa added two Himalayan salt stone treatments; Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Healing Massage with Himalayan Salt Stones. So what's the hype swirling around these salt crystals collected from ancient primal sea beds? The minerals. The 84 trace minerals found in Himalayan salt, including calcium, potassium, iron and sodium, are said to improve mood by neutralizing negative ions and balancing the body's electromagnetic field. Aromatherapy oils and warm, hand-carved salt stones are incorporated into each massage and have shown signs of improving sleep patterns and nervous disorders, and enhancing an overall sense of well-being. Not to mention the stones provide a gentle exfoliation and relieve muscle tension.
Photo courtesy of Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach/Leading Hotels of the World

Carillon Miami

The Spa at Carillon sprawls 70,000 square feet, making it the largest luxury spa in South Florida, according to the hotel. With more than 40 fitness classes offered daily, medically focused therapies, and on-site certified and licensed health professionals knowledgeable in areas such as nutrition, physical therapy and stress management, there's no wonder why this wellness-inspired resort is a restorative oasis. The most enticing area is the Thermal Experience consisting of nine hot/cold circuits that aid in the body's blood circulation. Included in the round is Miami's only Igloo, a cool air chamber where guests are showered with refreshing mists of menthol, mint and eucalyptus mists.
Photo courtesy of Carillon Miami Beach/The Leading Hotels of the World

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Miami is known as a Latin American epicenter of the states. Now more than ever. Faena's Tierra Santa Spa is America's first South America-inspired spa. Since opening the hotel last December, the Healing House (its coined name) has focused on a holistic approach to its ritualistic treatments. The immersive therapies allow guests to experience the power of South American remedies through indigenous muds and organic hand-crafted oils and butters. These ingredients are incorporated into restorative healing art practices, such as the Tree of Life Vibration. Sound bowls are used to restore the body's natural rhythms while oils are poured on tension points throughout the body, starting at the lower back (roots) and working their way through the spine (trunk) and onto the shoulders and neck (branches).Photo courtesy of Faena Hotel Miami Beach/Leading Hotels of the World
Photo courtesy of Faena Hotel Miami Beach/Leading Hotels of the World