The Takeaway: South Africa

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The Takeaway: South Africa

Welcome to The Takeaway, a series highlighting the best goods a destination has to offer. Every week, we’ll showcase seven gifts every traveler should consider in terms of quality and value.

Few countries can boast a spread of wonders as extensive as South Africa’s. The country’s conglomeration of cultures, astounding biological and geographic diversity and vibrant artistic spirit make it a standout (and unforgettable) destination. It only makes sense, then, that the treasures you bring home celebrate both its land and its people’s identities.

Because South Africa is a meshed nation, its art, crafts and are a cultural conversation. Additionally, South Africa has plenty to offer drink wise—incredible wineries, a centuries-long tradition of brewing tea with native plants and Amarula, an indulgent after-dinner sipper. For a more portable souvenir, bring home strips of biltong, a quintessential South African snack.

Sarra Sedghi is Paste Food’s assistant editor. She can usually be found arguing about mayonnaise on Twitter.