Humans May Be Avoiding United, But Scorpions Aren't

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Humans May Be Avoiding United, But Scorpions Aren't

United Airlines is under fire again after an incident where a man found a scorpion crawling out of his clothing while waiting on the plane to take off traveling from Houston to Ecuador.

Paramedics were called to the scene to examine the man, who was found to be in good health and was not stung, and there are no reports of the scorpion being captured.

All passengers of the United Airlines Flight 1035 were moved to a new plane after the plane returned to the gate. The new plane departed three hours later than the scheduled time, and in response to having to wait each passenger was granted a meal voucher.

This is not the only time a scorpion has been found on a United Airlines plane; in April, another passenger claimed that a scorpion fell from the plane’s overhead bin onto his head. The scorpion stung this passenger after he dropped the animal onto his plate and tried to pick it back up again.

The plane was already in the air at the time, so the man was given Demerol and then treated once the plane landed.

Mr. Bell, the man who was stung, said the following when asked about the situation, “It’s just one of those things that happens, right?”

With the current trend, Mr. Bell might not be far off.

United Airlines recently faced the heat when a video surfaced of a passenger being physically removed from one of their airplanes, so these two incidents definitely aren’t helping to give United Airlines an improved image in the public eye.

Lead Photo by Bernard DUPONT, CC BY-SA 2.0

Caroline Windham is a freelance writer out of Athens, Ga.