10 Memorable TV Show Travels

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10 Memorable TV Show Travels

We all need to get away sometimes, even fictional TV characters. If you’re looking for inspiration, or exciting ways to break up the monotony this summer, here are 10 destinations from some of the best TV shows.

1. In a special long episode of the The Facts of Life, the crew jets off to Australia in “The Facts of Life Down Under.”

2. I Love Lucy takes the two couples to Italy, where Lucy is talent-spotted and goes grape stomping to prepare for a film shoot. When in Rome…

3. Modern Family is known for its family vacation episodes, one of its best being the “Dude Ranch” episode on a trip to Wyoming.

4. In “Tanner’s Island,” the Full House family fills up Hawaii with their numerous clan.

5. Looking for a destination wedding? The Season Four two-part finale of Friends takes the show to London for Ross’s nuptials in, “The One with Ross’s Wedding.”

6. Ed O’Neill got to do a bit of traveling in his other role as Al Bundy on Married With Children. In this 3-part Season Six episode, The Bundys head off to Lower Uncton, England, to explore their ancestral roots.

7. Roseanne and the clan in Vegas? Sounds like a good [dysfunctional] time to me.

8. With the Olympics, Brazil is hotter than usual this year. In this classic Simpsons episode, “Blame it on Lisa,” the ultimate American family travels to South America.

9. Love traveling, but hate the transportation part and wish you could just teleport around the world? That’s exactly what Steve Urkel gifts to the Winslows on Family Matters, when he takes them to Paris in his teleportation device.

10. Head of the Class made it to Moscow to shoot this episode in 1988, becoming the first American TV show to be shot in the Soviet Union.