Amazon's Upcoming Wheel of Time Series Gets a New Immersive 3D Trailer

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Amazon's Upcoming <i>Wheel of Time</i> Series Gets a New Immersive 3D Trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released the first full trailer for their upcoming Wheel of Time series, one with a twist: an immersive 3D “wheel” to investigate the show’s world more fully.

In a press release, Prime Video describes The Wheel of Time as “Set in a sprawling, epic world where magic exists and only certain women are allowed to access it, the story follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There, she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young men and women, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, who will either save or destroy humanity.”

Rosamund Pike is joined by a cast of newcomers including Joshua Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoe Robins, Sophie Okonedo, and Barney Harris. Wheel of Time is being helmed by showrunner Rafe Judkins, who served as a writer and producer on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The highly anticipated adaptation of the beloved fantasy series is Prime Video’s answer to Game of Thrones, as the streaming service continues to build its own original catalogue. The company is betting a high price on the best-selling novels to grow their subscriber base.

Wheel of Time’s trailer promises a fantastical new world that lovers of the original books will surely be excited to see realized. The question is whether newcomers will be as willing to give the high-concept series a chance.

The first three episodes of Wheel of Time will premiere Friday, November 19th on Prime Video. Check out the new interactive trailer below:

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