Our Exclusive Bad Sisters Clip Will Make You Want to Murder the Prick Yourself

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Our Exclusive <i>Bad Sisters</i> Clip Will Make You Want to Murder the Prick Yourself

We’re nearly halfway through this season of Sharon Horgan’s new Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters, and every new episode finds fresh reasons for us to hate the brother-in-law from hell, John Paul (Claes Bang). In the premiere, we learn that John Paul had recently died, and it was strongly suggested that one, or a group, of his sisters-in-law were responsible. And with the more we see of him, the only conclusion so far is “good for them.”

The excellent, addictive, and surprisingly warm series has been a murderous delight. And while it can be very funny, it balances that perfectly with emotional depth. In the fifth episode, “Eye for an Eye,” we get the long-awaited back story for Bibi (Sarah Greene), how she lost her eye, as well as more about her wife and son. If anyone should have a grudge against John Paul it’s her—he literally ruined her life.

John Paul’s quietly, smugly sadistic self is on full display in our exclusive clip below from Friday’s new episode, where (in a flashback) the women go play paintball for his birthday. And once again, the sisters have a plan to end John Paul. But meanwhile, we get to see him at his worst—creating a horrible game, punishing his sweet wife Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), insisting on calling her “mammy”—it’s a lot.

“Eye for an Eye” is an excellent episode full cruel ironies, so as you prepare for all that is to come, get a sneak peek below. New episodes of Bad Sisters air Fridays on Apple TV+:

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