Bryan Cranston Teases a Familiar Face in Better Call Saul Season Three

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Better Call Saul has been hinting at the return of several of Breaking Bad’s biggest players, and now Bryan Cranston is throwing more gas onto that particular flame. The actor’s comments came in a talk he actor gave in Dripping Springs, Texas, to promote his book A Life in Parts, which tells the story of his life through the roles he’s taken on.

Following the talk, the Q&A took the expected turn toward Cranston’s signature role as Walter White, and whether the character would make an appearance on Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul. Sadly, Cranston explained that, while he loved the character, he’s a big believer in letting things go. Cranston explained that he’d “rather have fans go ‘Oh, I miss that, I miss you, I miss the show, I miss the relationships,’ than to have fans go ‘Oh, God, is that show still on the air?’”

Cranston did reveal that he had visited the set of Better Call Saul in Albuquerque and reunited with the crew, most of whom also worked on Breaking Bad. “I told Vince [Gilligan], if you want me to be on the show, I’ll be there in a second,” he said. Cranston admitted things would be tricky given Saul’s timeline, but also expressed confidence in Gilligan’s skill in working in some kind of appearance.

While, on set, Cranston was fairly averse to spoilers for the show, but he did drop one fairly large hint. Cranston said that there would be “another new character coming on the show that you will recognize.” As for who that might be, Cranston shot down the theory that it would be either Gus or Jesse, which does leave one fairly major DEA agent in play. We’ll find out for sure who it is when Better Call Saul returns in February of 2017.

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