Blindspot Review: “Evil Handmade Instrument”

(Episode 1.10)

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<i>Blindspot</i> Review: &#8220;Evil Handmade Instrument&#8221;

Considering how good last week’s episode was, this week’s would have been a total letdown had it not been for its last few minutes. At this point, Blindspot has proven that if it’s a mediocre episode, there will at least be something at the end to get you all psyched up for next week—except this time we’ll now have to wait three months as the show goes on hiatus. Blindspot has temporarily left us with a new mind-blowing revelation, along with a couple of pressing, still unanswered questions.

The mystery of the week for this installment was surprisingly uninteresting. It revolved around Russian sleeper agents and getting justice for David, but the storyline was simply weak. It was a sort of, “Here’s some bad guys, let’s take them down, we got them, yay” kind of episode. Nothing really stuck out or made the audience feel invested in what was going on. And that should not have been a problem, considering this was a personal case for them. Patterson did, however, have an emotional moment interrogating the sleeper agent, and we could see the tension and anger she’s been experiencing. It would’ve been great if there had been more of that intensity throughout the episode.

The last few minutes did make up for what was otherwise a mediocre installment. Jane finally declares her love for Kurt by surprising him outside of his apartment with a kiss. Ever since the pilot, Jane has been having a tough time dealing with the mystery of her identity, the significance of the tattoos, who sent her and why this is all happening. Something finally went her way and, she went after what she wanted. Of course, happy moments in Blindspot don’t last for long. Just as she was heading back home, she got kidnapped by masked men and woke up tied up in a room with Carter. This is the moment we’d all been waiting for—where one of them is finally taking direct action against the other. Carter was convinced Jane knew more than she’d been letting on and started torturing her. Just when all seemed lost, someone attacked the facility and Carter was shot dead (so long, asshole!). He was a great character and served as a formidable antagonist against the FBI team, but his death felt satisfying after all we’ve seen him do.

And then came the big reveal. The man who killed Carter and saved Jane is the man with the tree tattoo (that’s not the big reveal, wait for it!). He comes up to Jane and pulls out a cell phone. On the screen is Jane (with long hair and no tattoos) and through a filmed message, tells present Jane that if she’s seeing this, then everything is going according to plan. The Jane in the video then reveals that she is responsible for the tattoos and memory wipe, that she did this to herself; everything that has occurred is because of her.

So while we’re left on that note for the next few months, there are other things to think about until the show comes back. It’s still annoying that we’ve come no further to learning how Kurt’s father may have been involved in Taylor Shaw’s abduction. It’s been weeks since that subplot was even mentioned, and one would think it’d be driving Kurt insane not knowing if his own dad kidnapped Taylor Shaw—which also might help explain whether or not Jane is Taylor, but I guess the producers of the show don’t want to give everything away before taking a break. The tree tattoo guy finally has a name: Oscar. No doubt his appearance before Jane will have a massive impact on her and her relationship with Kurt (love triangle, perhaps?). After all, from what we saw in the flashbacks, they were engaged, so he probably knows Jane better than anyone — or does he? The Jane we’ve met these past several weeks is likely not the same Jane, pe-memory wipe. As we’ve seen in flashbacks, the old Jane was a cold and no-nonsense woman, unlike the current Jane we’ve gotten to know who is kind and wants to help others.

Why Jane would have done any of this to herself is a huge mystery that will hopefully have rewarding results. Putting herself through all of this means that she wanted to be near Kurt specifically. So is there something about him that we’ve yet to learn? Or is it connected to the Taylor Shaw mystery? It may even be that the past Jane intended to do something that the present Jane won’t do, which could start a conflict of interest between her original mission and serving the FBI. Now that we’ve had Daylight explained to us, there’s still the question of Orion. We know Jane is somehow connected to it, and in three months, we’ll likely start getting some answers and learn more about why all of this is happening.