Californication Review: "Lights. Camera. Asshole" (Episode 4.08)

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<i>Californication</i> Review: "Lights. Camera. Asshole" (Episode 4.08)

In “Lights, Camera, Asshole,” we find Hank caught in the crossfires his usual antics once again in an entertaining, but relatively superficial episode. Sasha is back on board thanks to Eddie Nero and Fucking and Punching seems to be moving full steam ahead. Not only that, but Sasha has asked for Hank to “polish her dialogue” on her upcoming blockbuster zombie-cop action thriller sequel. Hank’s a skeptic as always—until he learns that the one-week gig will reap a nice little paycheck of $100,000.

Outside the zombie-ridden set, Sasha seems to have brought in Hank just for her own on-set pleasures. Hank snares back, “I’m a writer. Not a fuck toy,” but it’s clear what he’s there for. “You’re bought and paid for, Moody,” Sasha replies. Hank, however, handcuffs her to the inside of her trailer as he runs off to take care of Becca.

Hank finds Becca drunk and stoned during her midday band practice. She continues her rebellious mirroring of Hank’s actions throughout the years. Hank acts disgusted at the thought of his inebriated daughter trying to convince boys to let her give blowjobs, but it’s just a reflection of his own lifestyle night in and night out. Hank asks Becca to be honest and she bluntly responds, “I’m not a happy camper, Dad. I don’t like how things are changing. You’re never around. But I’m not sure I even miss you.”

Karen takes Marcy to the abortion clinic, where Marcy reveals that Stu has already asked her to move in with her. She starts to have second thoughts in the clinic about terminating her pregnancy, despite the fact that she hates kids. “What if this my last chance at being truly happy?” Marcy asks. “And I’m just snuffing it out because it’s inconvenient.”

After Hank sits down at the bar with a drink slid to him almost on cue of his arrival, a woman down the bar strikes up conversation with Hank about “annoying kids stuff.” Hank wakes up with her the next morning to find out that this lady is in town visiting her daughter…Sasha Bingham, who visits the writer at the worst possible moment. Hank tries to get Sasha out his room before her mom emerges from the bathroom, but fails miserably. After getting kicked in the balls by Sasha and verbally lacerated by her mom, Hank finally consoles the diva actress in her trailer with some good old-fashioned Hank Moody charm. But just as he thinks he’s in the clear, he gets dose of his own medicine as Sasha handcuffs him to the inside of her trailer.

Meanwhile, Stu confronts Marcy while hanging out at his pool, imploring her to break up with him based on the signs he’s receiving from her. When asking her why she won’t move in with him, she reveals that she’s pregnant and is keeping her baby. Stu thinks it’s his children and becomes elated, but their conversation gets interrupted before she has the chance to tell him that Charlie is the father.

Hank apologizes to Sasha and her mother for his actions—somehow managing to keep both of them in his favor. Sasha’s mom implies that they should see their thing through, but ultimately her words just jog his longing for Karen. After all the back and forth seduction and shadiness from Hank this episode, he seems ready to go home once again.

Stray Observations:

• “I’m serious, I feel a hate crime coming on.” – Hank

• “Sounds like a shit sandwich. But hey, the girl’s got to eat, right?” – Hank on Sasha’s latest Zombie thriller.

• “You know what really scares me? I like being fucked up, now more than ever. Is that a good thing or is that a genetic thing? I’m starting to get it now—things are way funnier when I’m high. And the sad stuff is just less sad—almost romantic.” – Becca

• “Here’s to mothers who drink with strangers.” – Hank to Sasha’s mom.

• “Despite the fact that I am the swirling black hole of chaos, I am pretty awesome.” – Hank